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An introduction to me. Ashley.

I started this business with the intention of achieving this ambitious image of a collection:

             [Structured and bold elements combine with soft organic textures and colours to create a mixed aesthetic. Casual and formal styles blend through the use of textured textiles, modular construction and statement accessories. Each item may be worn alone, mixed with your wardrobe, or layered for an intense aesthetic.]

So basically, creating art in the form of a line of clothing which represented my design and philosophy ideals.
I've discovered it will take some (long long looong amounts of) time to develop the skills I need to articulate this type of work, and build a portfolio of the style of dress and techniques - particularly with the aim of upholding gender-ambivalence and function.

For now, I am working within my means, making custom orders using patterns drafted and altered to fit the individual.

I'm going to take my time to develop and understand each project. The learning curve so far has been steep but entertaining - working with new materials and construction details, plus drafting my own blocks and hopefully patterns. I'm happily seeing progress as I work through each project. Even walking through factory and indie patterns has been great, providing new opportunities for experimentation.

TAFE short courses have been invaluable as a foundation to practical knowledge and techniques for garment making. I'll be starting a new course on lingerie next fortnight - excited to play with stretch materials, linings, trims, fitting and the unique hardware that goes with foundation garments (though typically naive of myself, a boned bustier with 3piece cups was the first top I attempted to make >.< it took 3 years to get back to and complete once I knew what I was doing).

For a look behind the scenes at my projects and processes while I swim through all this new information, head over to my instagram account (under my LJ links). I have phases of engaging and disengaging with social media - but right now I update IG fairly regularly. Drop me a message!

[One of my current projects: Mixing fabrics! Floral rayon will line this airflow weave in some rad high-waisted 40's pants :p ]

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